What is special about working with TaxiF?

Be your own boss, and earn more money!

TaxiF gives you the opportunity to work as much as you want and whenever you want.

TaxiF also offers extraordinary bonuses, warranty plans and instant assistance through its call center and life insurance during trips.


Application features:

1- A very smart application so that the process of distributing orders to the captains through specific algorithms in terms of priority and proximity of the captain to the client

2- It has a Heatmap feature and this helps to show the locations of the customers' requests in abundance on the map and helps the captain in his work

3- The feature of determining the diameter of the request receiving circle. The captain can receive requests from (0.1 km to 10 km)

4- All the cars we have on the Captain app have been hidden for the sake of safety, prudence and caution for the Captains

We have many more and more advantages