What is the class of my TaxiF account?

It depends on the car model and year of manufacture as follows:

Economy car category:
  • This category is only available for vehicles of 2013 and above

Note:  If the vehicle is less than 2013 and in very good condition and suitable for this category, you can contact our representative to inspect a vehicle.

Delivery Category (Courier):

  • This class is available for all vehicles and motorcycles.

Official taxi:

  • This category is only available to Yellow Taxi or Premium Taxi owners or  any type of taxi vehicles.

Airport transfer category:

  • This category is available for all Public and Private Captains.
  • This is a category only for airport transportation.

Van family:

  • This is a category for family car owners, with five seats or more.

Note:  School or corporate buses are not accepted.

To find out the current pricing, please contact our technical support service .