Using Driving Radius

You can change the driving radius after going online. The radius can be increased or decreased, depending on where you wish to receive trips: 

  • Open your driver app

  • Swipe right to go online

  • You will be immediately prompted to set your radius

  • Tap on + or - to increase or decrease your radius.


If you accept and successfully complete every trip that you receive inside your radius, your activity score will be adjusted positively.

If you cancel or reject too many requests inside the radius you selected, your account will be automatically blocked by the system. Rider cancellation can also affect the score as a high number of cancellation can indicate incorrect radius settings.  

Kindly wait until the block on your account expires to get back online.


  • Your radius is measured aerially and actual driving distance may be longer than radius distance
  • You may receive requests from outside your set radius. Simply not responding to these requests can affect your score, so make sure to decline the request if it is too far for your liking. 
  • Besides your driving radius, you can also see a heat map and drive to areas with high demand. The minimum radius is 1 km and maximum 40 km.